Rinri Therapeutics

About us

Rinri Therapeutics is a private biotechnology company developing advanced regenerative stem cell-based therapies for the treatment of hearing loss.

Our novel approach has the potential to replace damaged or dead sensory cells of the inner ear and restore hearing.

Rinri Therapeutics is led by an experienced team with extensive expertise in therapeutic development gained from working in large pharma and biotech, combined with deep scientific know-how in cell therapy.

Science and pipeline

Our approach is based on the pioneering research of Professor Marcelo Rivolta, a recognised world leader in the field of sensory stem cell biology.

Rinri Therapeutics’ underlying technology, based on pioneering stem cell research, seeks to reverse neuropathic sensorineural hearing loss (SNHL) through the repair of the damaged cytoarchitecture of the inner ear.

Exciting pre-clinical data* shows that our therapy has the potential to significantly restore hearing in SNHL patients.

*Chen et al. (2012) Restoration of auditory evoked responses by human ES cell-derived otic progenitors. Nature, 490: 278-84

Hearing Loss

Over 90% of disabling hearing loss cases are sensorineural in origin via the degeneration of the specialised nerve or hair cells of the inner ear.

Once these cells become damaged, they will remain that way, meaning that SNHL is incurable.

Damage to these cells naturally occurs as part of ageing, but other factors such as exposure to loud noise, illness, medication, genetics or trauma can also cause this type of hearing loss.

The World Health Organization estimates that currently over 5% of the world’s population have disabling hearing loss; SNHL affects 64 million patients in the US and 34 million in Europe.

News & Press

May 20th 2019 – Rinri Therapeutics secures £1.4 million seed funding to advance its novel regenerative cell therapy to treat sensorineural hearing loss.